Worxpace PRO – Professional Workspaces on Wheels

Not everyone can bring their problem to the workshop. Sometimes the workshop has to go to the problem.

Our custom-built workspaces on wheels meet the needs of professional craftsmen from any industry.

Combine harvesters are not meant to drive on highways and wind turbines have a really hard time fitting inside a maintenance workshop. For these, and other occasions, the workshop has to get to the problem by itself. Which in most cases today, is a minivan packed with all the tools you can imagine, but almost always missing the one thing you actually need. And because problems are large but minivans are not, you end up working in the rain.

Worxpace PRO saves the day: a fully outfitted workshop-on-wheels mounted on 3,5T and heavier trucks, large enough to fit everything you need for the job for even the most unpredictable situations. No more compromises on mobile workspace comfort and conditions. Stand straight up, work in a well lit and heated/cooled environment with all tools and parts you need, to get the job done on-site, on-time, and on-budget. Reducing downtime while improving service quality and also keeping your craftsmen happy.

Our workshops are modular design, which allows them to be custom fitted for any specific industry need. Rearrange the space, add special equipment, storage, and comfort features. You can even fit a sleeping compartment for up to two people when overnight assignments are unavoidable.

Our monocoque workshops are built to outlast the chassis and engines of any factory truck, so you can move them from one truck to the next one. Handy, if your mileage gets out of hand, and takes your truck with it. So whether you’re in forestry, farming, mining, or infrastructure maintenance – send us a picture of your current workspace and describe what you’d like from it. We’ll gladly reply with a draft of your next workshop-on-wheels.

Worxpace PRO – Fix it. Don’t transport it.