Support truck for the broadcasting stations of the Estonian Public Broadcasting


The broadcasting truck has two separate compartments: one for the crew and one for the cargo.

The Volvo support truck for the Estonian Public Broadcasting company has a separate compartment for the crew and a cargo area. There is plenty of storage facilities for the various TV equipment but also other solutions that make working on the truck comfortable.

  • Folding staircase under the door on the right side.
  • Curtain at the back of the truck.
  • Stainless steel shelves in the cargo area.
  • The shelves on the right are equipped with luggage cases from the German producer Aluca.
  • Crew compartment separated by partitioning at the front of the truck. The room can be closed with a sliding door. The walls of the room are covered with gray textile.
  • General lighting of the truck by a LED strip. LED floodlights with separate circuits above the side door and above the tailgate.
  • LED strobe lights are installed around the upper outer edge of the truck and at the front of the cab.
  • General lighting in the crew compartment LED strips in the ceiling, separate LED fixtures with touch-sensitive switches above the tables.
  • Ventilation hatch with a transparent cover that can be opened in the crew compartment ceiling.
  • Fridge in the crew compartment.
  • 2 Aluca drawers in the crew compartment.
  • On the floor of the crew compartment, there is an opening with a hatch for cables.
  • A full-width bench in the crew compartment. Bench plate with hinges, opening up. Textile backrest with a velcro fastening on the bench. The bench is also covered with removable cushions. The bottom of the bench opens from the outside with a hatch. The bottom of the bench is designed to store microphone and camera stands. Drawers divided into sections open to the side from the storage.
  • An opening that can be closed with a hatch in the crew compartment wall to connect an air conditioner to the outside environment.
  • Cabinets at the upper side of the walls in the crew compartment, doors open up on gas springs.
  • Stainless steel toolboxes on both sides of the truck.
  • Electrical installation 230/400V. Different plugs inside and outside. The electrical circuits are protected by residual current devices and circuit breakers.
  • Electrical connections to the external network 380V and 220V.
  • Intelligent battery charger for charging the truck batteries 24V. 
  • The area in the cargo space between shelves is covered with a non-slip rubber cover. The same cover on the floor of the crew compartment.
  • Reversing camera with 7″ screen in the driver’s cab. The camera has LED lighting and an electric cover.
  • The vehicle has a type approval certificate and meets the technical requirements of the Road Administration.

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