26t DAF Rally Service Truck


A 26t Rally Service Truck that has abundant storage, a separate workspace and lounge area, four ways to get power and other solutions that make competition service a breeze.

Plenty of storage

There are various stainless steel storage compartments under the sides of the truck.

The rear storage extends through the body so that you can contain a tent, for example.

The storage compartments are hermetically sealed with aluminum hatches. The hatches rest on gas springs when opened.

All doors lock centrally with remote control.

A door and stairs have been made for easy access to the truck.

Power supply

The vehicle has an 8 kW 3 x 400V electric generator that moves out on the slide rails.

There are a total of four ways to get power: 1) 3 x 400V from the mains.

2) 230V from the mains. 3) from the electric generator. 4) 24V 1500W from the pure sine wave inverter.

Lounge area and workspace

The interior of the truck is divided into two — the rest area and the work area.

Various shelves and drawers by the German producer Aluca are located in the workspace. In the upper part of the work area, there are storage spaces for the spoilers and bars of the competition car. There is also a water dispenser in the workspace.

The rest area is separated from the workspace by an airtight wall with a sliding door.

The lounge has custom-made leather sofas, a 110L refrigerator, several cabinets and a table. There is also a TV and a coffee maker.

Both sidewalls of the lounge have tinted windows.

The lounge can be cooled or heated by an air-to-air unit located in the front wall.

Lighting solution

The exterior lighting on the right side and rear of the truck is work lights with a total power of 100W.

The interior lighting is mainly by LED strips.

Compressed air

The vehicle also has an electrically powered compressor for compressed air. The compressed air tank of the compressor is connected to the compressed air tanks of the vehicle to increase the reserve air volume.

1.5t tailgate

The rear of the truck is closed by a 1.5-ton tailgate.

Tow hitch for a trailer

The vehicle is equipped with a 50 mm tow hitch for a trailer with a max weight of up to 3.5t.