Worxpace PRO Service Trailer 2.7 T


Worxpace PRO Service Trailer is insulated like our other products and primarily intended for oil change. 

About the project

Worxpace PRO decided to expand the product portfolio to include a service trailer, which is also insulated and primarily intended for oil change.


Gross weight: 2700 kg; Unladen weight: 910 kg; Inside dimensions: 4640 x 2240 x 1900 mm

Worxpace PRO Service Trailer

Insulated sandwich box keeps warm in winter and cold in summer

3 x side hatches with lights, gas springs & locks

Side door leads to personal & office space

Rear doors: open 270 degrees

3 x Fresh oil pumps (50L/min)

1 x Waste oil pump (9L/min)

Self-bearing base-frame makes the trailer lower & lighter

Honda electric generator 5,5kW 230V

660L Waste oil tank &
3 x 200L Fresh oil tanks

Draining bath for oil filters

Hose drums for oil, air and electricity

Eberspächer 2kW AIRTRONIC D2 heater with controller

Personal space: Wardrobe & Aluca shelves and drawers for tools and accessories

Electrical outlets

Reversing camera

Tires: 185 R14C M+S for winter and summer

Diesel tank for the heater

In the future, we plan to modify the service trailer to suit different applications. The trailer can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories, depending on the type of van or truck used as a mobile workshop and the field in which it is used.

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