Trailer for the Vormsi Maritime Rescue Society

The trailer accommodates a special snowmobile to rescue people in winter.
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About the project

The particularly long trailer is used by the Vormsi Maritime Rescue Agency and has enough space to accommodate a special snowmobile designed to rescue people in cold conditions.


Inside dimensions of the trailer: Length 7500 mm, width 1500 mm, height 1700 mm. Carrying capacity: 2450 kg.

Vormsi Maritime Rescue Agency Trailer

The center axle trailer is category O2 with a registered mass of 3700 kg.

Base frame, floor – The self-supporting floor element contains steel fasteners and ducts for cables and other communications. The inner surface of the floor is covered with a ribbed aluminum sheet.

Undercarriage – Torsion axle 2 x 1350 kg. Wheels 14 inches, on the side of the box.

Walls and ceiling – 30mm sandwich panel, covered with fiberglass on both sides. The ceiling panel is sloping at the front.

Openings – On both sides, the hatches (1500 x 1300) open to the side. The rear hatch (1200 x 1670) opens down.

External lighting – upper, lower and side LED lights that meet EU technical requirements.

Interior lighting – 2 x LED light strip.

The trailer is small series type approved.

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