Worxpace PRO Demo Truck from the left


The Worxpace PRO Service Truck is a comfortable working space for the heavy machinery servicing industry.

The Worxpace PRO Service Truck has 8+ cubic meters more volume than a van. There is more space to work, there is more space for equipment and materials.

An unfolding stair that makes it easy to step to and from the vehicle.

On the side of the Service Truck there is a built-in surface that can be used to store tools or as a working surface. A mobile tool trolley can be pulled there from inside the vehicle.

Worxpace PRO Demo Truck from the back

Vehicle base

The 7 t Iveco Daily with a 3 l engine is a 7-seater so that a bigger crew can be transported to an assignment if necessary.

Fluid change equipment

The oil-bar opens to the outside and holds two 200 l barrels plus two smaller ones;
Oil hoses that reach outside;
Canisters and other necessary fluid change tools.

Electricity and power

Electric switchboard located in the oil-bar outside the vehicle;
Electric sockets 3 x 380 V and 220 V inside and outside for electric tools and USB connections;
A petrol generator that feeds the Service Truck with electricity. The generator moves outside from the vehicle so as not to pollute the air inside.

Worxpace PRO Demo Truck from the right

Inside the body

Aluca shelves and racking system offers plenty of storage;
Windows on both sides of the truck and also two roof windows;
Several tools like an air compressor, welding machine, etc;
A small personal space for clean and work clothes, etc;
Working lights;
Electrical sockets and USB charging points;
Sandwich panels insulate the body which is warm in winter and cool in summer;
Extra heating system.

Worxpace PRO Demo Truck from the front

Lifting, storage and transportation solutions

A built-in crane in the back of the truck can be pulled out and used to lift materials into and out from the vehicle or move materials outside. Lifting capacity 1,3 t.
A spoiler on the roof of the vehicle improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle and offers additional storage space inside;
On the lower part of the body there are compartments for storage;
Transportation fastening system on the floor of the body;
The roof of the body can be used for transporting materials, reached by a removable ladder.


Top quality LED working lights inside and outside the vehicle;
Portable rechargeable LED lighting system that can be installed on the roof or on the ground;
Stroboscope LED flash-lights make the vehicle identifiable.