A guide to help you find the perfect type of mobile workshop


What are the pros and cons of each type of mobile workshop: a Service Truck, a Service Van and a Service Trailer.

Do you need a mobile workshop but are having a hard time deciding whether to choose a Service Truck, Service Van, or Service Trailer? 

The company Worxpace PRO produces state-of-the-art customized mobile workshops of all these types. 

Let us help you and let’s look together at what are the pros and cons of each type of mobile workshop.

A Service Truck type of mobile workshop
Pros of a Service Truck type of mobile workshop.

Plenty of space in the Service Truck

Service Trucks have much more space than vans or trailers. A truck easily fits all the necessary equipment (generators, compressors, oil tanks, cranes or lifts, welding machines, etc) and there is still enough room for storage and worktops. 

The walls of the truck body are straight at a 90-degree angle, not curved – thus storage solutions and equipment can be better positioned. The ceiling is much higher and there is enough room in the truck for a tall man to stand up straight. A truck has more carrying capacity than a van or a trailer.

The body of the Service Truck can be re-fitted from one vehicle base to another if the base deteriorates. Therefore the body of a Service Truck type of workshop is more sustainable and saves money in the long run.

If part of your marketing plan involves covering your vehicle with branding that can be seen from the back and side, then a Service Truck will definitely give you the most value for the money. Trucks simply have more available space for logos, phone numbers, and photos, than vans or trailers. A good vehicle wrap doubles as one of the most effective ways to market and raise awareness for your business.

A Service Van type of mobile workshop
Pros of a Service Van type of mobile workshop.

The Service Van is the easiest type of mobile workshop to start with

For the driver, a Service Van is usually the most easily approachable and requires less expert knowledge. The driver only needs to have a regular Class B driver’s licence. 

Service Vans are lighter and more compact. The van usually sits closer to the ground, so stepping into and out of the vehicle is less laborious. If you need to travel a lot by ferry, transporting a Service Van type of mobile workshop is less expensive than paying for the Service Truck or a van/SUV and trailer which are higher and/or longer. 

Still, Service Vans are often too small to organize properly—tools, boxes of materials, extra clothing, and gear end up all jumbled. A standard van is often too low for a grown man to stand up straight and feel comfortable while working.

Both Service Trucks and Service Vans offer an all-in-one driving experience. It is quite easy to park them. And although each can carry a lot of cargo/equipment, they are more compact than a truck or van/trailer combination.

A Service Trailer type of mobile workshop
Pros of a Service Trailer type of mobile workshop.

A Service Trailer can be conveniently unhooked

Service Trailers can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories, depending on the application for which they are used. 

A truck, van, SUV, and Service Trailer give you options. You can use them both to transport more to the job site. But, if you need to run errands or see another client or have an assignment where the Service Trailer is not needed, you can unhook the trailer type of mobile workshop and just use the other vehicle, reducing thus significantly the cost of transport. 

A Service Trailer is usually lower to the ground and therefore easier to load and unload. When driving, the weight is also lower.

Worxpace PRO has developed an innovative solution for the Service Trailer: the trailer with a wedge-shaped rear and without the intermediate frame (the floor of the trailer also forms the frame), which is, for example, ideal for the transport of low rally cars. 

With a minimum unladen kerbweight (900 kg), the trailer can carry 1.8 tons of cargo/equipment and is extremely durable despite its lightness.

A Service Trailer usually costs less than a Service Truck or a Service Van and tends to be less expensive to maintain. Of course, the final cost of a mobile workshop depends a lot on what it is used for and what is the installation and equipment inside.

Any vehicle may break down sometime. If a Service Van or Service Truck breaks, you have to get it repaired before you can go on with your business. But you can just hook quickly your Service Trailer to another vehicle and you are good to go.

Intelligent solutions are common to all Worxpace PRO workshops

As you can see, each type of mobile workshop has its positives and negatives. When choosing the most suitable type of mobile workshop for you, you should first think about your needs and possibilities.

All Worxpace PRO mobile workshops incorporate intelligent technical solutions and are designed by the best industrial designers. Each vehicle is a custom design that meets the client’s needs. 

All our mobile workshops are manufactured from a sandwich panel, which makes the insulated product suitable for Nordic conditions.

Vehicles are usually equipped with an intelligent inverter and there are enough sockets where to connect equipment. Electrical installation is either from the mains or the generator or both.

Excellent working conditions are even more enhanced by excellent lighting: we install side and back lights on the outside and on the inside of the vehicle, using LED spotlights or strips.

Worxpace PRO mobile workshops are built with no compromise on quality. Worxpace PRO has 25 years of experience in vehicle body building and we do not make mistakes in production.

Contact us if you have any questions about professional mobile workshops!


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We are a custom mobile workshop builder. Each mobile workshop is a custom design that meets the client’s needs.

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