Bike-Share Collection Vehicle for Tartu Smart City
Bike-Share Collection Vehicle


A unique solution for loading bicycles onto a truck for Tartu Smart City Bike Share - Worxpace PRO completed a superstructure for loading and unloading bicycles onto a small truck.

About the project

Tartu Smart City uses it to transport rental bicycles in the city. Usually, bike-share projects use vans or trucks with closed superstructures to collect the bikes for recharging and maintenance, our solution is open.


Designed for an N1 category small truck. Fits 14 bicycles - 7 on each side. Easily transferrable to another base vehicle.

Tartu Smart City Bike-Share Collection Vehicle

The superstructure is designed for a small truck of category N1. It fits 14 bicycles – 7 on each side.

Since bicycles are loaded on and off the truck many times a day, the solution enables this to be done quickly and with minimal human effort. The bicycles are not damaged by impact or friction when loading or hauling.

On both sides of the truck, we installed trusses with sufficient stiffness. The frames have the necessary supports and barriers for the fixation of the wheels. 7 bicycles can be placed on each frame. It is mostly made of stainless steel to ensure the superstructure’s durability, aesthetics and low weight.

A hydraulic drive is used to move the kinematics. For this purpose, the truck has a 12 V hydraulic power station. Various operations are performed via a wireless, radio-controlled remote to ensure safety.

The truck is equipped with a flashing LED light. There are also four indicator LED lights installed both front and rear.

The superstructure can be relocated to an analogous base vehicle with little effort. The superstructure can also be used all year round.

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