Service trailer for forestry equipment maintenance


A service trailer for the company Masinaspets for the maintenance and repair of forestry equipment.

About the project

Worxpace PRO completed a service trailer for the company Masinaspets for the maintenance and repair of forestry machinery at the workplace, i.e. in the forest.


Inside dimensions of the trailer: Length 4000 mm, width 2050 mm, height 1900 mm. Curb weight: 970 kg. Load capacity (without equipment): 2530 kg.

Trailer for servicing forest machinery

The company chose a trailer because it can be transported to the job site with any vehicle (for example, a pickup truck) and they do not have to worry that in case the truck itself is under repair, the customers’ machines will also remain unmaintained.

The self-supporting floor element contains steel fastening nodes and channels for cables. The inner surface of the floor is covered with an aluminum diamond sheet.

The trailer has two torsion axles with a load capacity of 1800 kg—14-inch wheels on the sides of the trailer.

Sandwich panel (thickness 30 mm) walls and ceiling are covered with glass plastic on both sides. The roof panel is slanted forward to improve aerodynamics.

On the right side of the trailer, there is a door (700×1800 mm) and a step in front of it. Double doors at the back, covered with perforated metal sheets, where you can attach tools, aids, etc. There is a removable step to enter through the rear doors.

An anodized aluminum profile is used for the trailer’s outer trim.

Exterior lighting is provided by upper, lower and side LED edge lights. Wide beam work lights on the back and the sides of the trailer 3 x 4800 lm.

There are 2 LED light strips for interior lighting. The toggle switch is located both on the rear wall of the trailer and at the side door, but the lighting can also be switched on from the remote control.

The trailer has a 230V electrical installation with plugs in both walls. Power supply from external network or inverter. Inverter “pure sine”, output power max 2000 W. Additional battery 180 Ah, AGM with intelligent battery charger. In addition, the trailer has a charging solution powered by the car’s generator.

Airplane rails on the floor for load-securing straps are designed to attach the Multione loader. If necessary, the mechanic can take the device with him to the job site and move heavy equipment with it. Both the trailer and the worktop and shelf system were designed in such a way that the loader could fit in the trailer. There are also ramp sockets for attaching ramps near the rear doors.

Inside the trailer, an Eberscbärcher 4 kW air heater ensures a pleasant working temperature, the heating tank of which is located in the front box on the tiller. The mechanic can store accessories and working tools on the Aluca shelving system, and he also has a small worktop with separate lighting to work on.

The trailer is equipped with a compressor (12V 160 l/min, 8 bar), 60 l air tank, electric cable roll 12 m, air hose roll 3/8, 15 m, and a container for hand washing water.