What are the different service truck or mobile workshop storage ideas and solutions?


We will give you an overview of the various ideas that you can use to design storage compartments both outside and inside your service truck to maximize the space in the best possible way.

A Worxpace PRO service truck gives you the opportunity to custom-design the mobile workshop that fits your particular needs. There are plenty of ways to organise your service truck with different storage solutions.

We will give you an overview of the various ideas that you can use to design storage compartments both outside and inside the vehicle to maximize the space in the best possible way.

Storage compartments on the outside of the truck

Storage compartments are usually built on the lower part of the vehicle body. This way they are easily accessible when you stand next to the service truck. At the same time, they do not prevent the doors from opening and closing, if you should have openings built into the side of the vehicle.

The storage compartments are made of durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The compartments are sealed with aluminum hatches. When opened, the hatches rest on gas springs.

The hatch locking can be controlled by remote control (central locking). The storage compartments have LED lights that go on when the hatches open.

Some of the storage compartments can be built so that they extend through the body of the vehicle so that they can contain longer items, a tent or a manual forklift, for example.

Storage compartments inside the truck

There are many possibilities to increase storage space inside the truck. It can be in the upper part of the work area, especially when the superstructure is high enough so that it does not hinder standing up straight and interfere with the normal work inside the truck.

Storage inside the truck for rally car parts

Spoiler on the roof of the truck

A spoiler on the roof of the vehicle improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle and offers additional storage space inside.

Space on the roof

The roof of the vehicle body can be used for transporting oversized materials or accessories that are not in frequent use. The roof is reached by a (removable) ladder.

Extending the ceiling

The front of the superstructure ceiling can be designed to extend over the roof of the driver’s cab, providing additional storage space.

Extended ceiling on Eventtents service truck

Cabinets and compartments inside the superstructure 

We help you come up with a functional and user-friendly solution for installing the necessary amount of cabinets and storage compartments inside the vehicle body.

The cabinets can be also fitted out with internal lighting that makes it easier to find the tools and accessories you are looking for.

Racks on the wall or doors for storing tools and accessories

The insides of doors and the walls next to work surfaces are good places to store tools and accessories for easy access. We provide professional racking systems that help you keep your tools organised and at hand when you need them.

Aluca shelving systems

We are the dealer for the German producer ALUCA customisable aluminum shelving systems in Estonia. The components are available in a wide range of sizes and are almost infinitely combinable. This means any commercial vehicle can be perfectly equipped to meet your needs.

Aluca offers more than 1,500 possible combinations of unit widths, heights and depths create the space you require for convenient access to everything you need onboard.

The aluminum racking systems are resistant to wear and corrosion and, above all, light. This means maximum payload. ALUCA systems have a unique 8-year premium warranty.

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