Enclosed Iveco Daily vehicle transport with sleeping module


autologistics24.com uses the enclosed vehicle transport for safe and secure transportation of luxury cars.

Project info

autologistics24.com uses the enclosed vehicle transport for safe and secure transportation of luxury cars.


Inside superstructure dimensions: Length 6140 mm; Width 2230 mm; Height 2300 mm. Carrying capacity 2985 kg.

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Full dimensions
Length 9311 mm
Width 2290 mm
Height 3065 mm

Superstructure dimensions
Inside length 6140 mm
Inside width 2230 mm
Inside height 2300 mm

Base vehicle
Iveco Daily 70C21, 2998 cm3 diesel engine, automatic transmission, 2 axles

Gross weight 7200 kg
Registered gross weight 7200 kg
Empty weight 4215 kg
Carrying capacity 2985 kg
Permissible weight of a trailer with brakes 3300 kg
Permissible weight of a trailer without brakes 750 kg
Weight of combined vehicles 10500 kg
Permissible load on the coupling device 150 kg

The platform is made of different aluminum profiles.
The rear of the platform and carriage is inclined at 5 degrees.
The bottom of the platform is an aluminum board with a thickness of 40 mm. Elongated openings at the bottom for attaching load belts and barriers.
The rear opening is closed by two hydraulically movable access ramps. If necessary, the ramps can be extended using two-part extensions that can be moved manually.

Superstructure and openings
The superstructure is made of a sandwich panel with a thickness of 30 mm. Covered on both sides with UV-resistant fibreglass.
There is a four-part door on both sides of the superstructure that closes the opening with a length of 4650 mm.
On both sides, under the door, there are aluminum hatches that close the stainless steel storage compartments. Hatch locking controlled by remote control (central locking). The storage compartments have LED lights, which go on when the hatches are opened.
Step moving linearly on both sides.

Hook + winch
The vehicle is equipped with a towing hook with the trailer’s electrical supply.
Electric winch with a pulling force of 4000 kg. Wireless control. The winch is located in the front center under the floor panel.

Electricity + lights
Additional battery, battery charger, disconnection relay.
Reversing camera with electrically closing cover. Additional camera in the cargo compartment.
Indicator lights.
Duplicated rear lights at the top.
LED lights at both upper edges of the cargo compartment.
Suitable edge lighting (LED).

The cabin is elevated with a Spojtrak XL fiberglass module manufactured by Spojkar, which adds two sleeping places for the drivers of the truck. The Spojtrak sleeping compartment for trucks is innovative, representing a cross between a roof spoiler and a sleeping cab. The custom shape perfectly matches the vehicle and its body. The compartment can accommodate two beds, functional cupboards where you can install a refrigerator, 2 opening windows, lighting on both the upper and lower bunks, electrical connection, thermal insulation, air conditioner, TV, and Webasto 12V travel heater.

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