MAN TGE 4×4 Camper Van


A compact but capable MAN TGE 3.18 4x4 camper van offers a unique driving experience on almost all terrains.

About the project

A compact but capable MAN TGE 3.18 4×4 camper van offers a unique driving experience on almost all terrains.


Inside dimensions of the van: Length 3450 mm, Width 1740 mm, Height 2000 mm.

MAN TGE 4x4 Camper Van

Walls, floor and ceiling
The floor is covered with 12 mm thick waterproof rough plywood (gray).

A noise reduction (also insulation) mat of 22 mm is pasted on the walls.

The walls are covered with 6.5 mm plywood, which is covered with fabric (gray).

The wheel wells are covered with plywood and molded into a square shape.

The inner surface of the cargo space is insulated with a 22 mm thick insulation board that does not absorb water.

Load belt attachments on the floor are sunken into the plane of the floor plywood. Rails are used to fix goods and fix 2 additional seats with armrests. Movable.

Exhaust fan in the ceiling with smoothly variable speed.

Front kangaroo catcher bumper with attachments for additional lights.

There is a table behind the driver’s seat on the left side, the table can be folded down if necessary.

Lights and electrical installation
Two LED strips are installed on the ceiling for interior lighting of the cargo space.

Light switches are at the side door and at the back of the cargo area.

One spotlight (reading lamp with a flexible stem).

24” TV with an articulated mount.

Electrical installations 220V AC and 12 V DC with protection devices.

230V electrical input for the motorhome. Electrical panel with protection devices, 2 x 3 sockets.

Additional battery with disconnection relay.
Automatic charger for additional battery.
Inverter 1000 W, pure sine.