Mobile workshop for a mining company


Worxpace PRO completed an insulated workshop container that will be mounted on a Volvo N10 truck.

About the project

Worxpace PRO completed an insulated workshop container that will be mounted on a Volvo N10 truck. The workshop is exported to Angola and the company AGS MT Mining will use it to maintain their large mining drills.


External dimensions of the workshop: Length 4300 mm. Width 2206 mm. Height 2308 mm. Weight including equipment: 1861 kg.

Mobile workshop for a mining company

The workshop is insulated to protect the mechanics who work inside it from heat. It has a 2.4kW Monoblock Air conditioner without an external unit, a window on one side of the workshop, and a sunroof in the ceiling for extra light and ventilation.

LED strips on the ceiling provide the lighting inside the workshop.

The workshop has all the equipment to fuel the mining drills and change their oil: 

  • Fuel tank 750L.
  • 4 oil tanks.
  • Oil hose reel (1/2″) 10m + refueling gun.
  • Orion air-operated grease oil pump 30L.
  • Pneumatic fresh oil pump 4:1.
  • Additional hatch for refueling.
  • PIUSI diesel pump Cube 56/33 (productivity up to 56 L/min), gauge, gun.
  • Piston compressor 3kW belt drive, Ingersoll-Rand 360L/min 200L.

The mining drills can be washed using the following accessories:

  • Water tank 600L.
  • Pressure washer K 2175 TS, Kränzle 140bar.

There is also an air hose 3/8 15m and an electric cable reel in the workshop.

Aluca shelving system and worktop inside the workshop provide space for storing tools and working. 

Other accessories include:

  • Welding machine Technomig 210 Dual Synergic, Telwin MIG MAG.
  • Table grinder machine DS 200 Plus, Metabo, 2 x 200mm.
  • Table drilling machine OPTIdrill DQ 18 230V, 1-16mm.
  • Table vise, 200mm.

The workshop has an electrical installation, battery charger startup assistant Dynamic 620 Start 12/24V, Telwin, and it can be connected to the mains.

A stainless steel roof frame makes it easy to store and attach any additional materials and accessories on top of the workshop. 

The retractable stair provides easy access to the workshop while it is in a standing position. 

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