Next stop for Worxpace PRO: Transport 2019 in Denmark on 21-23 March


Worxpace PRO is a mobile workshop for servicing the construction, mining, quarrying and forestry machinery.

You can check out the Worxpace PRO demo Service Truck at the exhibition Transport 2019 in Herning on 21-23 March at the stand C-2570.

Should you need any tickets to the exhibition, you can order them at the website for free with the invitation code VEOKI2019.

The new Worxpace PRO Service Truck is a comfortable mobile workspace for the construction, mining, quarrying, forestry and other heavy machinery servicing industries.

The Service Truck has at least 8 cubic meters more capacity than a service van. Inside, there is more space to work, more space for equipment and spare parts.

Each Worxpace PRO Service Truck is built to the specifications of the customer and satisfies their specific needs.

The prototype that will be presented at Transportmessen has sufficient space for storing all kinds of equipment, there are worktops both inside and outside the vehicle, it is equipped with tools like an air compressor, welding machine, generator, there is an oil-bar and the necessary equipment for fluid change, electrical sockets both inside and outside the vehicle, air-conditioning and roof windows for better working conditions inside the vehicle, the body has sandwich-panels that insulate it, the vehicle is equipped with LED working lights both inside and outside and also flashlights on the outside.


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We are a custom mobile workshop builder. Each mobile workshop is a custom design that meets the client’s needs.

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