Service Truck for a tent company Eventtents


The Iveco Daily Double Service Truck is used to transport crew and equipment.

About the project

Eventtents is a company that installs large event and production tents mainly in Scandinavia. The Service Truck is used for the transportation of equipment and crew.


Inside dimensions of the box: Length 3940 mm, Width 2240 mm, Height 2240 mm. Vehicle base: Iveco Daily 35C18 Double – 4100

Service Truck for Eventtents

The truck has many storage spaces. Most importantly, on both sides, at the back, there are two cupboards with twin doors (opening of 1250 x 1750 mm), that are connected to each other by a passageway underneath the truck (to store forklifts).

On both sides of the front of the truck, there are cupboards with twin doors (1340 x 2000 mm opening).

The truck body is insulated to keep the crew warm in winter and cool in summer.

The front of the ceiling is designed to extend to the roof of the cab, providing additional storage space.

The truck is fitted with an intelligent inverter (700 W), generator (2,5 kW) and a winch for setting up large tents.

Inside, there is sufficient surface space to work on and an Aluca aluminium racking system to store smaller equipment and tools.