Service Truck for the tire company SuperDekk on Faroe Islands


The truck is fitted with a compact hydralic crane, a hydraulic piston compressor and other tools.

Worxpace PRO has completed a Service Truck for the tire company SuperDekk Sp/f (member of First Stop network owned by Bridgestone). The truck will be servicing heavy machinery on Faroe Islands.

The walls and ceiling of the box are made of sandwich panel. The sides of the box extend from the aluminum profile frame to the bottom of the cab.

Lighting: Inside the box there are two 2,5 m LED strips. Outside: LED side lights on both sides, at the top and bottom of the vehicle; 6 working lights; 6 stroboscope LED flash-lights.

The truck is fitted with:

  • Compact hydraulic crane Hyva HA27-E2 (lifting capacity 2,6 t, outreach 6,75 m).
  • Hydraulic piston compressor Dynaset HK 1000 (max flow rate 1000 l/min, max pressure 15 bar).
  • Two stage hydraulic pup and hydraulic oil cooler with tank.
  • Intelligent inverter 700 W.
  • Air hose reel.
  • Aluminium box with outside dimensions 3200 x 2300 x 400 mm.
  • Coupling hook 50 mm.
  • Backup camera.
  • Stairs for the truck tray.

The Dynaset hydraulic piston compressor engineered in Finland that will be used for filling the large excavator tires is quite extraordinary. The only power source needed is a hydraulic system of the base machine, PTO (Power Take Off), which provides the compressor the required hydraulic flow and pressure. The compressor converts the hydraulic power into high quality compressed air. There are also 2 x 160 L air tanks mounted on the vehicle to ensure the necessary air pressure.

Inside dimensions of the box: Length 1240 mm, width 2240 mm, height 1900 mm.

Vehicle dimensions: Length 7068 mm, width 2306 mm, height 2450 mm.

Vehicle base: Iveco Daily 35C18.