High-quality service trucks built in Estonia


For 20 years, Veoki Pealisehituse OÜ builds high-quality mobile workshops and service trucks, which are thoughtfully designed and tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

The product portfolio of the vehicle box builder Veoki Pealisehituse OÜ (VPE for short) has changed a lot over time. The company’s first product was metal bins, says the CEO Peep Nork. Next, the specifics of the construction of the side boxes of the semi-trailer-towing vehicles were studied in Denmark. Later, the rebuilding of forest and chipping vehicles from Finland and Sweden was added.

To build such large machines, VPE needed a production building with a door opening larger than 4 meters. „In the vicinity of Tallinn all such buildings were either sold or at a price unattainable to us,“ Nork recalls. Still, they noticed a former Roosna-Alliku collective farm agricultural machinery workshop in Järva County, that met the requirements, and VPE operates in the heart of Estonia till this day.

Top-class rally trailers suitable for Nordic conditions

Thanks to Printsport Oy, one of the best rally car rental and service companies in Finland, VPE’s product portfolio has been complemented by a top-class rally trailer. Printsport was not quite satisfied with the accuracy and quality its former Finnish supplier.

VPE developed an innovative solution for the rally trailer: the trailer with a wedge-shaped rear and without the intermediate frame (the floor of the trailer also forms the frame) is ideal for transporting low rally cars. With a minimum unladen kerb weight (700 kg), the trailer can carry a 2-tonne car and is extremely durable despite its lightness. Rally trailers are manufactured by VPE from a sandwich panel, which makes the insulated product suitable for Nordic conditions.

Starting from the first trailer, the relationship with Printsport has been positive and rally trailers have been purchased by other teams.

Worxpace PRO mobile workshop - high-quality service truck
Worxpace PRO is a high-quality service truck for the heavy machinery industry.

Own product Worxpace PRO mobile workshop

Three years ago, the company felt that its product range had become too wide and decided to focus clearly on its own product with the help of the Design Bulldozer Development Program. As a result of the analysis, the idea of a mobile maintenance workshop, which is a modern tool for a top-class mechanic, was developed.

Brand Manual helped to develop a separate brand, Worxpace PRO, for the service truck. To date, both the name and the logo have been registered in the EU trade mark register, with a small Estonian company having to contend for a long time with the major car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. At JLR’s request, the use of the trademark is limited to the manufacture of mobile workshops (trucks, vans, trailers) for the maintenance and repair of heavy machinery.

The Estonian industrial design firm Ten Twelve was responsible for the design and usability of the Worxpace PRO high-quality service truck, which is based on a 7-tonne Iveco Daily.

In cooperation with Hiab importer Exan AS and Iveco representative IV Pluss AS, we built an ideal mobile workshop, which was presented at major Scandinavian fairs and demonstration tours. The feedback was very positive. The mechanics who entered the truck explicitly stated that this would be their dream workshop: “It’s bigger than my kitchen,” was one Caterpillar mechanic’s sincere reaction.

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Quality starts from top-class components

In developing mobile workshops, VPE sought partners for quality products. One such company we found was Aluca, a German manufacturer of shelving systems for vehicles, that had no representative in Estonia. Compared to its cheaper competitors, Aluca’s aluminum shelves are lighter but also more durable: with an official warranty of 8 years, they are said to be able to survive three vehicles.

Thanks to Aluca, VPE has won a major project: the company will fit 15 DeLaval Volkswagen Crafter dairy and agricultural machinery service vans with Aluca systems.

Top-quality service truck for the tire company Superdekk
Service Truck for the tire company Superdekk.

Worxpace PRO mobile service truck to the Faroe Islands

At Transportmessen, Denmark’s largest trade fair, we met Fridrikur, the owner of a company based in the Faroe Islands. His company Superdekk is the only one in the Faroe Islands that can change the tires of excavators on site. Superdekk wanted a mobile workshop that would run a powerful (15 bar) compressor directly from the PTO.

Superdekk also received offers from Denmark, but VPE was quick to respond, we were flexible and the high-quality service truck with a crane and hydraulic compressor was built according to customer’s advice – with no significant difference in price with Danish suppliers.

In the Faroe Islands, tunnel construction is active and the client has a wide field of work. We went to deliver the truck on the spot and the customer is very satisfied.

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Rotator’s mechanic equipped his service truck Irene according to his needs

VPE has a long-term relationship with Hitachi importer Rotator Oy, which holds 30% of the Finnish heavy machinery market. Their top mechanic, Mikko Raittinen, was given the opportunity to move his mobile workshop from a tiny van to much more spacious conditions in an Iveco service truck built by VPE. The truck was tailored to his needs. During the process, some innovations were co-developed that VPE has not used in previous workspaces. The high-quality service truck is so dear to Mikko that he named it after his wife, Irene.

Rotator themselves emphasize that work efficiency and speed are becoming increasingly important to their customers. Expensive machines simply cannot be allowed to stand idle on the job site, and each maintenance operation must be carefully planned. For Rotator, a high level of customer service is crucial and the universal service approach achieved through the versatility of the top-quality service truck is an essential part of smooth operation.

In Northern Scandinavia, where temperatures can drop very low, there is a problem with the viscosity of the oils in the field. Our insulated service truck is the only solution in this situation, besides, the mechanics will certainly be more comfortable working in a warm workshop.

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Vision for the oil-change trailer.
Vision for the oil-change trailer.

Mobile oil-change trailer will add to the portfolio

In 2019 we visited many Swedish heavy machinery companies. While they were interested in the Worxpace high-quality service truck concept, most companies lacked mechanics with CE category driver’s license. Larger service companies like Swecon AB have built service trailers themselves, spending a lot of expensive mechanic working hours developing them.

Therefore, we decided to expand the product portfolio to include a service trailer, which is also insulated and primarily intended for oil change. We are currently in the product development phase where we will soon be able to give the prototype to our Estonian partners Baltem AS and Wirtgen Eesti OÜ for testing.

In the future, we plan to modify the service trailer to suit different applications. The trailer can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories, depending on the type of van or truck used as a mobile workshop and the field in which it is used.

Racing world does not forgive mistakes

We have been involved in the improvement of Tommi Mäkinen Racing OÜ service vehicles since the inception of the team. In addition, Markko Märtin’s team is a client of VPE. On the world arena, these companies are competitors between themselves, and we recognize that delicacy is our virtue.

Our clients include Marko Rohtlaan, Hannes Soomer, Rain Pilve, Mihkel Vaks and others. We know that in racing, mistakes are unforgivable.

We consider all employees at VPE to be engineers in their own right. A Porsche 911 built by Peep Kistal, production manager, has become the European champion in the Historic series.

Veoki Pealisehituse OÜ

Fields of activity: Manufacture of mobile workshops; construction and repair of trucks and trailers.

We have been in business since 1999.

Employees: 12.

VPE OÜ is an Estonian family owned company.

We are located in the heart of Estonia, in Järva County, Roosna-Alliku.

Turnover in the last three years has been ca EUR 400 000.

More info www.vpe.ee and www.worxpace.pro

We know what a crisis is and how to overcome it

During the last economic downturn, Veoki Pealisehituse OÜ went through a serious crisis and overcame bankruptcy in 2010-2011 through a recovery process. With the approval of the trustee of bankrupt’s estate, a compromise was made with the creditors, as shareholders and the board of directors expressed their desire to save the company. As one of few Estonian companies, VPE successfully made it through the recovery.More info in the local press.

Main photograph: VPE team with an ultra-low maintenance vehicle based on Volkswagen Crafter for underground mining, commissioned by Scania Eesti AS. Agnes Toomesoo and Martin Nork (not in the photo), one of the owners, have been with the company for the longest time, 14 years.


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