Service van for Rocknord mobile stone crushers

Rocknord is an Estonian company engaged in the production and sale of crushed stone and special transports. In addition to localized production, the company is also able to provide services with mobile stone crushers and screens, which can be transported and put into operation in a short time.

The body of the van is insulated and keeps the crew warm in winter and cool in summer. The side and front walls are adapted for easy attachment of accessories. In the back, load belts are placed to secure barrels and other necessary equipment.

The interior of the service van is illuminated with two LED strips on the ceiling, a separate LED light is above the worktop. For exterior lighting, there is a panel of LED work lights above the side door and rear doors.

The mobile service van is equipped with an additional battery and an automatic charger; air, electric cable and clean oil hose reel; a pneumatic oil pump.

Equipment: Intelligent inverter (700 W), piston compressor (2.2 kW, 350 l / min, 10 bar), wire welding machine, electric generator (6.5 kW), diesel air heater.

Inside, there is sufficient surface space to work on and an aluminum racking system by the German producer Aluca and a perforated wall to store smaller equipment and tools. The back of the floor of the cargo area is covered with an aluminum corrugated sheet (length 1 m). There is a step below the back door to facilitate entry.

Inside dimensions of the box: length 3290 mm, width 1760 mm, height 1900 mm.

Vehicle base: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter